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BBMP To Owners: Cooperate In Digitising Records

Bengaluru: To accelerate digitisation of property documents, officials from BBMP are reaching out to the public, urging them to cooperate in the process.

To generate digital property cards, residents are required to upload recent property tax payment receipts and electricity bills. The civic body is notifying property owners to keep these documents ready for collection. To expedite the process, BBMP has deployed revenue and tax inspectors tasked with collecting necessary documents and conducting on-site verifications. BBMP chief commissioner Tushar Giri Nath said each inspector will visit a minimum of 40 properties.

Officials are now notifying property owners about upcoming visits, where they will be required to furnish tax payment receipts and electricity bills for digitisation. The goal is to digitise more than 40 lakh property documents in three months.

Deputy chief minister DK Shivakumar, dissatisfied with property tax collection in BBMP limits, announced the ‘Nanna Swathu’ (My Property) initiative during the Brand Bengaluru conclave.

The initiative aims to digitise all properties within BBMP jurisdiction. An official said digitisation will provide precise details online, mitigating the risk of misrepresentations and enhancing overall transparency in property records. Source :

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