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About Us

Sairam Law Associates is a law firm based in Bangalore, India. It was founded in 2007 by Mrs. VN Jyothirmai Thota, an experienced lawyer with over 15 years of experience in the legal field. The firm specializes in family law & property law. Our team of skilled and experienced lawyers are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality legal services. We understand the complexities of the legal system and work tirelessly to protect the rights and interests of our clients.

Sairam Law Associates has a team of experienced lawyers who are dedicated to providing their clients with the best possible legal representation. The firm has a proven track record of success in a variety of legal matters, and its lawyers are committed to providing their clients with personalized attention and service.

We focus in rendering high quality and timely service to all our clients. We understand the problem and situation of our clients and provide a customized solution for each client by maintaining confidentiality, commitment, and dedication in our work. We continuously update our knowledge and skill base with latest legal news to provide the client with the best possible results and provide best service to all clients who approach us.

Family Law

If you are facing a legal challenge, such as a Mutual Consent Divorce, Contested Divorce, Restitution of Conjugal Rights - (Right to stay together), Alimony, Child Custody, Maintenance, Domestic Violence, Dowry Harassments and other family related concerns.


During a consultation, your attorney will review your case and ask you questions to get a better understanding of your situation. They will then explain the law to you and discuss your options. They can also help you develop a plan to move forward.


Benefits of a Legal Consultation:

Get personalized legal advice from an experienced attorney.
Learn about your legal rights and options.
Develop a plan to move forward with your case.
Avoid making costly legal mistakes.

Real Estate Services

When buying or selling a property | When leasing or renting a property | When developing a property | When dealing with property disputes | When planning your estate.

A property lawyer can advise you on your legal rights and options, help you to draft and negotiate contracts.

@ You are buying a house and want to make sure that the seller has good title to the property and that there are no liens or encumbrances on the property.
@ You are renting an apartment and want to make sure that the lease agreement is fair and that your rights are protected.
@ You are developing a piece of land and need to obtain the necessary permits and approvals.
@ You are having a dispute with your neighbor over a property boundary line.
@ You are planning your estate and want to make sure that your property is distributed according to your wishes.

Registration Services

Sale, Gift, Will, Release, Marriage and Partition are all legal documents that have important implications for the parties involved. It is important to have these documents drafted and registered by a qualified lawyer to ensure that they are valid and enforceable.

Drafting and Registering Legal Documents:


It is important to have legal documents drafted and registered by a qualified lawyer to ensure that they are valid and enforceable. Lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to draft documents that are legally compliant and meet the specific needs of their clients.

Legal Documents Verification

Legal document verification is the process of checking the authenticity and validity of a legal document. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as to:

Prevent fraud: Ensure compliance with laws and regulations,  Protect the rights of individuals and businesses, Facilitate the transfer of ownership of property.

Legal documents that may need to be verified include:

Contracts, Deeds, Leases, Wills, Powers of attorney, Trust agreements, Business formation documents,  Court documents.

There are a number of ways to verify legal documents. One common method is to check the document with the government agency that issued it. For example, to verify a deed, you could contact the county recorder's office.

Another way to verify legal documents is to use a commercial document verification service. These services typically have access to a database of public records and can verify documents quickly and efficiently.

Meet The Team

Advocate Female.png

Designation: Advocate | Phone: 9611195911

Thota VN Jyothirmai is a highly experienced family and property lawyer with over 15 years of practice. She is known for her compassionate and personalized approach to legal representation. Jyothirmai is dedicated to helping her clients navigate complex family law and property matters with the least amount of stress and conflict possible.

Jyothirmai has a proven track record of success in helping her clients achieve their desired outcomes. She has extensive experience handling a wide range of family law matters, including divorce, child custody and support, domestic violence, RCR, alimony, and maintenance. She also has a deep understanding of property law, including registration of agreements, deeds, certified copies, property documents verification, encumbrance certificate, marriage registrations, and Khata transfers.
Here are some of Jyothirmai's key accomplishments:

  • Successfully represented hundreds of clients in divorce, child custody, and support cases.

  • Secured favorable outcomes for clients in domestic violence cases.

  • Obtained alimony and maintenance awards for clients.

  • Advised clients on a wide range of property law matters, including registration of agreements, deeds, and certified copies.

Jyothirmai is passionate about helping her clients achieve their legal goals and protect their rights. She is committed to providing her clients with the highest quality legal representation and support.

If you are facing a family or property law issue, we encourage you to contact Jyothirmai today for a free consultation.

Post Free Ads.jpg

Designation: Property Consultant | Phone: 9900984444

Devaraju Thota is a highly experienced property consultant and channel partner for builders. He has over 10 years of experience in the real estate industry, and he has helped hundreds of clients find and purchase their dream homes. Devaraju is also a Sub-Registrar Office Services provider, which means that he can help clients with all aspects of the property registration process.

Devaraju is known for his honest and ethical approach to business. He is committed to providing his clients with the best possible service and helping them make informed decisions about their property purchases. Devaraju is also a skilled negotiator, and he is able to get his clients the best possible deals on properties.

Here are some of Devaraju's key services:

  • Property consulting: Devaraju can help you find the right property for your needs and budget. He can also provide you with information about different neighborhoods and investment opportunities.

  • Channel partner for builders: Devaraju has a strong network of builder contacts, and he can help you find the best deals on new construction properties.

  • Sub-Registrar Office Services: Devaraju can help you with all aspects of the property registration process, including preparing the necessary paperwork and submitting it to the Sub-Registrar's office.

If you are looking for a trusted and reliable property consultant, channel partner for builders, or Sub-Registrar Office Services provider, Devaraju Thota is the perfect choice for you

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