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Karnataka Cabinet clears online marriage registration plan

The Karnataka Cabinet on Thursday decided to amend rules governing registration of Hindu marriages to simplify the process by taking it online, negating the need for couples to physically visit sub-registrar offices.

The Registration of Hindu Marriage (Karnataka) (Amendment) Rules, 2024 was approved by the Cabinet.

Revenue Minister Krishna Byre Gowda clarified that the new system will not apply to registered marriages.

"A registered marriage requires getting married in front of a sub-registrar with a 30-day notice and other legal requirements. We're not touching this," Gowda told DH.

"But for all other marriages, registration is required for various purposes. For example, it becomes important during marital disputes, especially to protect women who are more vulnerable," Gowda said.

Gowda said only 30% of marriages are getting registered. "Like births and deaths, we need a proper registry for marriages," he said. "So, to popularise registration of marriages, the process needs to be people-friendly. We want to do away with physical presence," he said.

The government will soon launch an online portal for registration of marriages, Gowda said. "The portal is tested and ready," he said.

"At present, a couple is required to visit a sub-registrar's office and furnish evidence of marriage such as a photograph and wedding invitation," Gowda said. "Under the online system, we'll require Aadhaar authentication of the couple along with evidence (photo and wedding invitation) that can be uploaded. Based on this, the registration certificate will be sent to the couple," he explained.

Simplification of the marriage registration process was announced by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah in the 2023-24 Budget.

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