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Karnataka Govt Announces KHIR City: Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Karnataka government is building a Knowledge, Healthcare, Innovation, and Research (KHIR) City on the outskirts of Bengaluru, close to the airport. The idea behind this project is to attract investments from leading global and national hospitals, research institutions, universities, private companies, etc.

The new investment region will be spread over 2,000 acres within 60 kms from Bengaluru and developed in a phased manner. The government aims to attract INR 40,000 crore in investment in the areas of healthcare, innovation and knowledge sectors. It also aims to create 80,000 jobs in the proposed KHIR City.

KHIR City: A Gist

  • KHIR City is the short form of Knowledge, Healthcare, Innovation, and Research City

  • KHIR City is being built by the Karnataka government on the outskirts of Bengaluru, close to the Kempegowda International Airport.

  • It is looking to get an INR 40,000 crore investment and create 80,000 jobs in healthcare, innovation, and research

  • The project covers 2,000 acres and is being developed in phases

  • The KHIR City will comprise of universities, research institutions, hospitals, and industries

  • The aim is to transform the state's economy.

  • The project aims to promote medical tourism

KHIR City, M B Patil, minister for large and medium industries and infrastructure development said during the announcement, "We are embarking on a transformative journey to build a city that goes beyond conventional boundaries — a Knowledge, Healthcare, Innovation & Research City (KHIR City).

"Apart from ensuring job creation and attracting investments from leading global and Indian hospitals and research centres, universities and private companies, the initiative has the potential to contribute towards the state's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) due to increased economic activity. "Besides attracting investments, it is aimed at contributing at least Rs 1 lakh crore to the state GDP," said the minister.

The location is apt for this project as Karnataka is home to 60 per cent of India's biotech companies and more than 350 medical devices and supplies manufacturers across categories.

"KHIR City will be the first such centre of knowledge which will have innovators from healthcare, knowledge and global research centres coming together in one place. Bengaluru will transform from being a call centre of the world to global centre of research and innovation," said Priyank Kharge, the Minister for IT & BT and Rural Development & Panchayat Raj, Government of Karnataka.

The Karnataka government has also been taking various initiatives to promote startups and new-age technologies across all sectors. It has established centers of excellence in collaboration with private anchor institutions focusing on emerging technologies. These centers drive initiatives across four areas, including startup ecosystem development, industry collaboration, government engagement, and research and academia.

While talking at an event attended by Entrepreneur India in August this year, Kharge noted that in their capacity as the government of Karnataka, they acknowledge and champion AI as a pivotal enabler for advancing the digital economy, driving investments and fostering employment opportunities. He also said that Karnataka stands as the nucleus of technology and innovation and Bengaluru stands as a testament to the government's promise. He quoted a study conducted by The Harvard Business Review (HBR) that listed Bengaluru among the top five cities in the world for AI. Bengaluru has been ranked at no. 5 position among the top 50 AI cities in the world. The top four cities are San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Seattle.

He also pointed out that the government of Karnataka, in partnership with the World Economic Forum and IIIT Bengaluru, has set up the Center for Internet of Ethical Things, which stands as the intersection of AI, IoT, and ethics and is committed to ethical foundations.

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